Snow Ball

Last night was the Snow Ball, and in the interest of having something to write about today, I went with Megan. It was a lot of fun, surprisingly. I was kind of dreading it, as last year it was boring and I had not been getting enough sleep, while working on the overnights.

This year it was pretty fun though, and even three hours into the event I somehow didn’t feel like leaving, although in the interest of getting sleep so I could go to work Megan and I left at about 11.

I would say the biggest difference was that I knew all of the friends of Megan’s that were there a little bit better, because it was all of the girls from her hallway, instead of all of her “friends” from her freshman year math class, or whatever. They weren’t bad people as much as it just wasn’t fun for all of us to hang out.

In all, it was fun (as I’ve mentioned three times,) although I still can’t help but equate it to a very high school-like event. Ah well, I suppose.