Linux on Flatdell


Well, I’m finally doing it. I’ve been mildly annoyed at Windows Server 2003 for having various little issues for awhile, and because the only reason I even had Windows Server on Flatdell was to experiment with SharePoint on IIS, which I was never able to get working, I’m going ahead and re-formatting the thing tonight, and am installing Ubuntu Linux 8.10 onto it.

Part of the inspiration for this project is that I’d like to get everything running on IntrikitWeaver9 so I can go ahead and put Windows 2000 on A21m for its future owner. As another advantage, there’ll be one less ridiculous project to work on in the next few days as I start to work on getting the T400 received, moved into and assembled.

The most difficult part was figuring out how to soft-raid the disks in linux. The solution was pretty nice though, apparently Flatdell supports hardware RAID, so I have gone ahead and enabled that in the BIOS, and Ubuntu 8.10 is happily installing onto both drives right now, in a mirrored RAID configuration. I’m told it’ll be faster too, although I never noticed or felt like Windows 2003 was slow on this setup.

The other difficult thing was getting it to boot up, it turns out however that the solution to that was really simple. I like to keep everything set up in a way that I think is simple – unfortunately what I think it simple, visually or physically, is not always simple electrically, or in terms of the computer. So the fact that the keyboard and mouse were hooked up via the usb hub on my monitor was kind of a big problem for it.

In the process of writing this post I got the entire thing set up and my site is actually already running on Flatdell. Epic win. This machine should stay running as-is for quite awhile. Ubuntu isn’t as efficient as Debian, but with 3 gigs of ram and a very fast processor, I’m not concerned at all. It’s already using less memory than the machine did on Windows.