ChoCoCo Assault Pie

It’s the night before our big accounting project is due, so naturally, Meaghan and I have felt the need to organize a somewhat impromptu Macaroni & Cheese night. We’re really good at making Macaroni & Cheese, so while we’re waiting for Jess (who actually knows how such confections are formed,) Meaghan is making her “Quad-C” Pie.

On the way to Quad-C Pie, though, there are some interesting obstructions. For example, we neglected to notice that instead of mixed pie crust, we bought crescent roll mix. The other obstruction is that we must wait for the coconut cream part to cool before putting the chocolate chips in, elsewise the chocolate chips will melt, thus creating what we have dubbed “ChoCoCo Assault Pie,” which ultimately is a truncation of Chocolate CoConut Cream.

ChoCoCo Assault Pie, we have decided to re-name the creation, is basically the most epic pie ever. Not only is it covered in a layer of whipped cream about three inches thick, but it’s got chocolate chips, coconuts and cream, all arranged very well by Meaghan atop a biscuit crust. ChoCoCo Assault Pie is the type of pie that runs around in slow motion, with things exploding behind it. Basically, the chuck norris of pies. We were going to try to go with the original Quad-C pie plan, “but I want it to be Chuck Norris Pie!” to quote Meaghan.

After we finished making the ChoCoCo Assault Pie, Jessica arrived and we were able to create the Macaroni and Cheese. That was a fun event because it was Jess, Meaghan, Glenn, Princess-RockStar Deanna, and myself hanging out in the kitchen, being far too loud.

Overall, I’d say that Macaroni & Cheese Night was a really big success this time around. Because I opted not to bother with the KitchenBox, I haven’t fallen down any stairs. Plus, I got a lot of accounting homework done, and wrote a blog entry.