Blog Destroyed


As you may have remembered, up until very recently I had an active installation of WordPress with about a year's worth of memories and writings thus far. I put a lot of time and effort into that WordPress installation, and more importantly, into the poorly backed up, irreplaceable content inside.

Unfortunately, my installation of WordPress seems to have suffered a security flaw from when I upgraded from 2.6.whatever to 2.7.0, whereby I accidentally left the installer files in place. I'm not sure whose decision it was to allow a WordPress installer to actually destroy an existing installation of WordPress, but I would love nothing more than to let them know that their decisions are a little bit silly.

And so, the site was taken down, in probably less than five minutes, by somebody who had discovered that the hole was there, and decided it would be cool to destroy somebody else's large body of work.

The bigger problem with this is that it wasn't some random person who happened to be googling for cool domains, or somebody who was just googling for the path of the setup file, in order to take down as many people as they could. It was somebody with whom I had begun to get a little bit acquainted, and in whom one of my other friends online had previously put a lot of trust. I had skyped with this person for several hours in the preceeding few days.

From this point forward, there is unfortunately to be no recovery of the data I lost from WordPress. The only backups I might be able to find are more than a month old, and of course are located on the 750gig external disk. And we all know about the can of worms there.

What I need to do is decide whether or not I want to implement another content management system, or if I'm going to be fine with a simple collection of HTML files. HTML files are fast and I can host them on anything, although it's not the same as being able to give somebody a login name to make comments on posts & pages, having the software resize an image automatically, or being able to make changes from any computer, ever.

We'll see.