Neurologist & Rent


Yesterday, Megan and I went to Phoenix to visit the neurologist, and tonight we're going to watch Rent at the ASU Gammage auditorioum.

The neurologist visit went well, I asked when I could be done with the prednisone. It seems that I have to take two steps down, the first step in April is to five milligrams a day, and then in May five milligrams every other day.

After the trip to the neurologist, we went to Fry's Electronics with the intent of possibly grabbing a hard disk drive. I waffled about for about an hour trying to decide whether or not to buy the drive that I had securely tucked under my arm. It's a very common thing with how I shop. The drive, a 1.5TB Seagate, was about $130. The main reason I decided not to buy it was because I thought I'd be able to get it cheaper online. Of course, it's just my luck that the same drive actually does cost the same from Newegg. Luckily, I also just flat out don't need another drive right now. It would be convenient, but it's not necessary.

And of course, then there was Rent. Uh-May-Zing. I hadn't been too excited about it for whatever reason, because I've seen the movie, I've read the wiki page, I've seen the dvd of the last broadway performance, and I saw it when it went to the other venue in Phoenix, but I'll admit that it was still a completely awesome experience. We got there in time, indeed, we were in the building before they started seating, which was a nice change from last time where we missed the first two songs.

And then they started performing the first act, and it was really clear just how much we actually missed. Like, up until last night I actually continued to believe that somebody other than Mark and Roger were the main characters.

The performance itself was amazing, and (as it always is for me) gut-wrenching. The actors (particularly Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal) get up on stage and pour their souls into their characters, and for a really weird three hours, you are part of their lives. You know what it's like to be an artist struggling to make it in New York. And it sucks, but you keep doing it because you love it.

Afterward, Megan and Alyssa and myself went to the back of the building and saw a few of the cast and crew members on their way out of the building. We saw the woman who played Maureen, one of the carolers, and Anthony Rapp. Unfortunately, Adam Pascal didn't leave through the back stage door, and Megan really wanted to see him up close because we sat pretty far away during the performance.

After that, which lasted about an hour or so, and walking to the car, which took us a few minutes, we drove most of the way back home, but stopped along the way for a bit of a nap. We ultimately got back into Flagstaff at about 3:30 a.m. I'm totally glad I didn't have work until about 3 this afternoon.