Rules for Locking the Door


Recently Glenn and I have come across an interesting conundrum. Naturally he doesn’t think it’s so interesting, nor does he think it’s a conundrum, but I think it’s an important thing to figure out, and it is an issue I will address with him later in the day.

Both of us leave the room at approximately the same time on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and today the planets aligned in such a way that we were both out of the door at the same time, mainly because I didn’t need to bring too many things for work and my one class today. Usually I leave a few minutes after him, but today I left before him, and on our way down the hall he turns around and says “You know you’re supposed to lock the door, right?” At which point I go “actually it’s your turn, because you left last.”

Naturally, being Glenn, he didn’t stop, so it was my responsibility to either go back to back and lock the door, or acknowledge that it was my fault that the room was unlocked, in the event that something was taken from it.

This is a problem for me, because it defies standard morning leaving procedures, which dictate that the last person to leave the room should be the one to lock it. Of course, it’s one thing if Glenn and I are both headed to the same place and I already have my keys, but we need to review our policies for the situation in which we are going separate ways. It would be expected that I’d lock the door if I had left last, I’m surprised it was also expected when I left first.