Major Change


The other day I finally turned in the form to change my major from Photography to Computer Information Systems. I have been wondering for quite awhile what I was actually going to do with a degree in photography, and had been worrying that with such a degree, I was going to be relegated to a career in news photography. Not the most desirable of outcomes for me. This semester I had started to take a few classes to begin the computer information systems track, and have found that I really like it, so I decided to go get the form and make it official.

I suppose this is the natural follow-on to having dropped my photo class this semester, and, as I have been told by a variety of people, the fact that I am always really excited when I get to talk about anything computer-related. In terms of being really happy with my classes, this semester has been really great.

I suppose a bit of a change of pace was a little bit necessary. For a few reasons, mainly because I don’t know what I’d do with a photography degree except become a news photographer, and partly because every semester it seems like I get a heavier lens or camera or am required to have one more type of lens with me, or another flash or two, etc.

The short of that long story is that I’m finally changing majors. I just need to work on getting this one done pretty fast because I’m pretty well behind of where a third year CIS student should be