Blood Work


I have missed a few months of the blood work that I should be doing , mainly because I have been super busy with just about everything. Last time I went, I experienced the wonders of Flagstaff Medical Center, and apparently decided that I was never going to subject myself to that again.

The actual process went very smoothly, as it always does at the Fronske center on campus. I took the blood work request to Fronske, the phlebotomist called it in to verify everything was correct, and in less than an hour after arriving, my blood was drawn and I was on my way out.

I think part of the success of this particular round of blood work may have been that I was very conscious of making myself very well-hydrated. Up to that point in the day I had had two or maybe three liters of water, which was also very helpful, I suspect.

From this point forward I will probably continue to use Fronske Health Center for my blood work, even though it costs $51 every time. I will also ask my neurologist whether or not I need to continue with the blood work, because I shall be done with prednisone in May. It may be required for the imuran, however.

While I’m talking about my health issues, I’d like to let everybody know that I haven’t taken any pyridostigmine (the medication I ran out of last December) since before Spring break, which was like four weeks ago. It feels great not to be so reliant on that particular medication.