Glenn Minus Sleep


Recently Glenn has been making a big effort to completely mess up his sleep schedule in every imaginable way. I have no idea as to why he has been doing this, but suffice it to say that he has, and that it’s quite annoying. Because Glenn and I share such a small and communally oriented space, it is difficult for one of us to be very productive when the other is sleeping.

Glenn’s sleep schedule messing up begins pretty innocently, with him staying up later than I one evening, even later the next, and until 5 or so on Saturday night, until it’s Tuesday or Wednesday night and he is out until after I wake up and am online for about a half hour, and heads directly back out to classes.

I don’t suspect for a moment that it’s abnormal for him, or any college student for that matter, however it’s annoying because he gets grumpy if he has no sleep, and we end up needing to dim the lights (or half-close the blinds) in order to let him sleep all day long.

It’s annoying more than inconvenient, but it’s still annoying nonetheless.