Vacation from Vacation


I may or may not have bothered to mention this, but I'm currently in the process of taking a vacation from my vacation. If that doesn't make any sense, don't worry, it wasn't really meant to.

Last night, at about 11, Megan and I headed out on our big adventure for the summer, which is a trip to ComicCon in San Diego. The first part of what's ultimately a 3-legged adventure was to Tucson to visit with her family and run some errands for her, in relation to her car and her glasses.

Today we got here at 2:30 in the morning, ish, and went straight to bed, with today's adventures once we got up at about 9 including breakfast, watching some TV, taking pills, browsing the Internet, eating other food throughout the day, and of course, a trip to the JCC, where as I recall Megan's mother is employed.

The trip to the JCC was for Megan's younger brother's basketball practice. As it was a trip somewhere in Tucson other than a store or restaurant, and I was feeling particularly capable today, I went ahead and took the camera, which I'm still thinking was a really good idea, ultimately. I took a few shots with it (we came back with more than 80 frames) and am really pleased with some of the images I got of Megan, the architecture of the building and her brother. One of the settings on the camera has changed since I last used it, and entertainingly enough, as a result of this, some of the images I got were gorgeous. [] []

It has been... a painfully long time since I went out and shot a meaningful number of pictures. As I recall, the school year was still going on when I did as such, during the Rennaissance Festival, and it was like, the day later that my epic hard disk formatting fail happened. Because of that mainly, and partially because I haven't been feeling well enough to run around on foot alone with the camera for a few hours, I've shot very little new photos in 2009.

So, at least on the camera's view screen, some of the things I took today looked amazing to me, and my camera apparently has some sort of mode or setting where it hilights focus points it's using, which is amazing because I'll definitely admit to being a "p-shooter" who loves auto-focus more than just about anything, ever.

And so it's with that I leave you for the night, hopefully in the course of our errands tomorrow I'll find myself physically capable of, and inspired to create some more images. Maybe by December, I'll even spend a meaningful amount of time in the actual Photoshop environment.