Megan and I are now on the way to ComicCon. In fact, if I've got the timing on this correct, then we should be in the car and on the way, listening to some fabulous tunes right now. Despite a few bumps on the road to being prepared for such an adventure, Megan and I are both really excited about ComicCon and each have our plans for it.

This is an adventure that comes about despite my currently reduced condition, and my disease, which has been causing me some problems lately. The other big reason is that it seems like each summer I have one pretty big adventure. After my first year at the university it was a trip to Tucson, and after my second year, it was a trip to Michigan. This year it's ComicCon, and next year we're planning on Seattle.

I'm somewhat terrified of the whole adventure, really -- Not only is it a whole big wide con with all sorts of things to do and see in terms of booths, photo opportunities, panels and lots and lots of walking, but my MG isn't doing too terribly well right now, so there'll also be a lot of opportunities to fall over, and of course I'll be completely pumped up with pyridostigmine, to no avail at all.

Additionally, some financial problem into which I have put myself this semester is causing a little bit of worry, as I work on not overdrafting my checking account while keeping myself moderately well-fed. I have enough money to spend a little bit at comiccon on books or CDs. (My traditional memory item for vacations is a music CD) The hotel room is my big worry in this situation though. I fully expect the hotel room to cost more than I will have available. Although Megan said her dad was going to help a bit of that, so the biggest worry is just that I have money to eat after ComicCon, (which will consist of pop tarts, cereal, milk and ramen, most likely.)

My intent, one upon which I fully intend to follow through, is to fill the 32gb CF card at least once during the trip. With any luck I'll be able to do it daily while I'm at ComicCon, however if the first day of the trip is any indication, I'll definitely have "many" photos -- even if it's not 32gb of them.

Anyway, ComicCon begins Today for us in the form of checking into our hotel, finding some resources (we require additional pylons) and then going to preview night for some photos and other fun.