ComicCon Wrap Up


ComicCon is done, has been for awhile, and now it's time to write about it! Essentially, a great time was had by all. We got to Tucson on time and while there, visited most of Megan's family that I've met before. As always, we had some food at El Guero Canelo, and we also went ahead and watched the sixth Harry Potter movie with her brother. (I may or may not write about that separately.)

Between Tucson, ComicCon and visiting my parents afterward, I took about 14 gigs of pictures. The original goal was to fill a 32gb card each day, which is feasible in that I'm pretty sure it actually is physically possible to click the shutter button 1800 or more times. I'm pleased with what I got, however, because it's better than the other extreme of possibility: having shot no pictures at all.

We got into San Diego early, and were fortunately able to check into our hotel early, as we got there a lot earlier than we had originally anticipated. After checking into the hotel we wandered on over to the Old Town transit center, where we found out that for a mere $5/day/person, or slightly less if we buy in multi-day increments, we can gain unlimited use of the buses and the "trolley" which is actually a light rail installation, apparently from before the term "light rail" had been coined.

At the convention center we picked up our badges and waited around for preview night where, nerdily enough, we ran around trying to get the best freebies. Unfortunately our luck with freebies was pretty paltry at that time. I fail to remember if we were able to get our paws on better freebie totes, but we were able to get one or two nice things, and we met both Jeph Jacques and Dave Kellet.

Let me reiterate that once more: I met Jeph Jacques and Dave Kellet. Squee!

We finished up at preview night pretty quickly, and were ready to start pre-gaming for the next day. Thursday morning, as it were, was pretty interesting. I went to one panel, Megan went to hang out, and then we met after my first panel and I headed out to Ballroom 20, where "Cosmic Quest", "Female Power Icons in Science Fiction," and then the Burn Notice panels were.

Ballroom 20 is an experience all on its own. Essentially you get there, and if you can find a seat, holy crap are you lucky. I found a really good seat in the second group of them right behind the camera, and pretty much stayed in the same location the entire time, even though I'd wanted to move upward, hopefully to the front row, however tht failed so incredibly much for me. Fortunately I didn't lose the place I did have, and from that point until the end of Burn Notice, spent about 3 to 4 hours in that room. After that, both Megan and I were tired out, and went home early.

Going home early turned out to be a recurring thing for us, and what I'm guessing is that in an event as long as comiccon, it's not a bad thing, especially as 4-day pass holders who did go to the preview night.

The next day (Friday) we decided both to mostly go to the same panels, which included a goal-setting workshop, and one or two things later on in the afternoon, so on that day we were in and out. It was on either that day or on Saturday, which both played out quite similarly, that we ended up going to whatever panels it was Megan wanted to see. By the end of Saturday, we were completely worn out, and although there were potential additional freebies to be had, we decided to call it quits.

Sunday morning, instead of going to the con again, we packed up and headed to Kingman, where good but somewhat boring, but totally restful times were had by all.

And then we came back to Flagstaff, and within minutes of arriving in the dorm, I had to go to work.