Hopeful End of Problem


Once again I find myself in the car at night writing on a thinkpad after having eaten a gas station ham and cheese sandwich. The last time I had done this was last November when I was working on finishing out my NaNoWriMo novel, at the end of Thanksgiving break, which had spent in Tucson with Megan’s family.

Today, I had my visit with the neurologist, who was, to say the least, annoyed that I’d waited until July to set an appointment in August for a problem that I started experiencing in May. And, of course, he said, I should have just made a phone call to him, it would’ve been far more efficient.

During the appointment, which was as usual, about five minutes long, he commented that I didn’t seem too weak, to which I unfortunately had to repy that I’d taken a fairly incredible amount of pyridostigmine in order to achieve. Indeed, I had some at 8:30 this morning, then at 10, 12, 2, 4, 6, and most recently at 8 p.m. I’ll probably have another dose at 10. This is pretty bad compared to, as I’d mentioned to the neurologist, the time period between January and May where I hadn’t needed a single dose of pyridostigmine—at all.

Ultimaely, we chatted a bit about what had gone down, and then he prescribed additional prednisone. This time we’re starting out at 20 miligrams every other day, and we’re going to adjust that level as we see fit, and in three months I’m going to tell him where I’ve gotten to, and ultimately, my own goal is to have extremely minimized if not completely discontinued my use of the pyridostigmine.

After our visit with the neurologist, Megan and I went to go see a movie she has been dying to see, 500 Days of Summer. We found the mall where it was playing, got our tickets and went inside to visit a few shops. It was a pretty upscale mall, although I suppose you could make the argument that most malls are upscale in comparison to the one in, as an example, Flagstaff. The mall had no Apple store, which is a place I’ve wanted to browse through for awhile. Of course I get to go to Apple stores more often than I let on, as an example, Meaghan and I went to one back in January during CES.

What the mall did have, entertainingly enough, was a SonyStyle store. We took a quick look at the Vaio laptops, the Vaio P “Personal Lifestyle Thingy” as well as Sony’s other stuff. It turns out a product like the Sony PlayStation would be sold at a SonyStyle store. We even took a brief look at the Sony eBook readers.

I took a slightly detailed look at Sony’s desktop PCs, which really do warrant their own post as they are actually pretty impressive machines. You pay a lot for them, but they have a bit of variety availble, from a 17 or 19-inch machine at about $900 to a 22- and 25-nch machines priced up to about $2500, suitable for media prodution, featuring midrange desktop nVidia chipsets, along with desktop Intel chipsets and even Intel Core2Quad chipsets.

I forget what the exact argument tends to be, but I know a lot of people on the Internet who argue for and against Apple’s iMac systems for a few reasons, and one of them is the lack of quad core processors. The argument I’ve long used is “please, show me the AIO from another vendor that has a quad core processor.” I think I’ve found it in the Sony desktop. which also has a height-adjustable stand, which I love.

Anyway, after that we got some food, Megan going for some Panda Express and myself opting for the biggest slize of pizza I’ve ever had, from Sbarro, coupled with a giant drink I couldn’t finish and a pair of breadsticks I not only didn’t want, but couldn’t finish.

And then we saw the movie! Suffice it to say, it was completely adorable, and as Megan said, the movie is great for a lot of reasons, it is probably ne of her top twenty movies ever. One of the best moments of the movie is, of course at the very end when it feels like the whole movie has been building up to a single, completely epic punchline at which every single person in the theatre laughed tremendously.

And that brings us back to in the car, late at night, writing on my laptop after having finished a gas station sandwich. I’ll go ahead and close this post by saying, I’m hopeful for the end of this problem in which I have been.