Moving & The Rocky Road Back to Prednisone


One of the things that always gets me down, physically and mentally, is when I need to make some sort of transition in the way my medication works, or how much of it I need to take. Every time I ramp up the dose of pyridostigmine, a wide variety of my internal organs becomes extremely angry about the transition, and whenever I lower my dose of prednisone, I weaken before I become stronger again.

This time, it’s an increase in the dose of prednisone, which has done significant good in the past, although typically I wasn’t in a state of getting by on an incredible amount of pyridostigmine, which on the first day, was great in the morning, and slowly went downhill as I failed to realize that even though I’d taken a veritable pill cocktail that morning, needed to continue taking a fairly heavy amount of pyridostigmine in order to continue functioning properly.

It so happens that on the afternoon of that first dose of prednisone, a time that should have been for relaxation and slowly organizing everything for the upcoming move to our fall room, Glenn and I needed to move right away, due to an event involving ResLife and our ID cards. So at 6 on a Thursday, Glenn and I started getting ready to move, which was fine and expected, he still was talking about finishing up in about a week and a half right before I needed to start training. The expectation was that we could start moving, Glenn would finish moving his things, and as the next week or so wore on I could get everything of mine moved and get the room cleaned up.

Unfortunately, once we actually started moving a few things, that’s not how it played out. We started moving and instead of there being no pressure, Glenn started putting a whole lot of pressure on to get moved as quickly as possible. It’s not just that there was the pressure from Glenn and ResLife, but that Glenn wouldn’t just let it go. Eventually I had some issues where I just wasn’t able to continue for a bit. Physically, mentally and emotionally I had been completely drained, and by chance, Glenn was in the room as well, experiencing my nearly completely futile efforts to move or carry or reorganize something. And instead of just advising that I sit down and going on his way, he took it upon himself to make the situation worse not only by trying to speak with me about it, but upon my inability to really give him a reply, gave me an indication that my feelings on the situation were unjustified, and that I should be working on moving.

Let me just say that that made the situation even worse and instead of being ready to go in, as an example, ten minutes – I was there, by the end of that particular episode, for 30 or 40 minutes, working my way through a roll of tissues.

We did get mostly moved, and the next day after work we finished everything and all was good, however I still don’t appreciate having some feelings about sensitive topics treated as though they were essentially nothing in that way.

The remainder of what needs to be done is just figuring out the exact location for one or two things, along with setting up the printer, and of course, finishing the transition back to prednisone.