New Reorganization


Those of you who have known me for any length of time are likely to be fairly keenly aware of the fact that not only do I love extremely complicated phrasings such as this one, but that I’m incredibly in love with re-designing and re-organizing my website.

This point is driven home not just by the fact that I do it “so often,” as much as by the fact that this year alone, I have had several transitions and extra experiments in terms of the content, arrangement and technical means of delivery for my website.

Not only did I switch from Windows Server to Ubuntu to OpenSolaris on flatdell, but I switched over to Debian linux, and in that process switched hardware. In 2009, I switched from wordpress to textpattern, while also having a short experiment with a static html set of pages, and ultimately, I’m back where I started years ago with some personal pages and notebooks, on MediaWiki.

And that’s what I’m writing about today, on my totally “new” web site. I am moving aaaalllll of my personal content into the wiki space, which was formerly meant to be a group effort. Whether or not other people will continue to have content on the wiki is up for debate. I honestly don’t mind, and they can even get front page space if they’d like – I just need to know whom.

There are a few other technical details I need to work out, and a lot of it is just getting the pattern of posting down, because almost nothing will be automated anymore. One of the other things I need to figure out is what to do to notify people of updates. I think it may end up being links on my twitter feed. Most people follow me there anyway, and it could increase my readership, as few people know about or use my RSS feed.

So… please don’t hate me for spamming twitter with blog links, eh?