Room Floods


Of all the things I have needed or wanted to write about in the past few days, one of the biggest and most important, as well as most time sensitive, is the somewhat continuous flooding of my room. The jist of the story is that on Monday this past week, Glenn and I left for math class at about 7:30 a.m., and one of our suitemates used the toilet, unsuccessfully, at about 8 a.m. That alone isn’t the problem.

Our suitemates, both being international students, don’t know what to do with facilities emergencies like that. Plus, I feel like neither of them cared too terribly much about what was going to happen then, because it probably became quite obvious very quickly that the water was going to go not into their room, but into mine. So Suitemate #1 as we’ll call him, left without saying much other than “be careful in the bathroom” to Suitemate #2.

Fast forward about six hours, Glenn gets home at about 2 p.m. not noticing anything other than the fact that the floor was shiny, and sloshing, at which point he immediately becomes worried because he stores the bulk of a very large collection of trading cards in cardboard boxes under the bed. Very large in this case is maybe twenty to thirty thousand cards, sixteen thousand of which were in boxes that were affected the most by the water in the room.

Throughout the day we were visited by our RA, our ARHD and our RHD, none of whom either had the desire or ability to give us the time of day, or in the case of the RHD, even any sort of sympathy or recognition for the fact that our entire day had been wasted recovering from the disaster caused by somebody else’s shoddy “repair” work on our toilet.

The ARHD had made an attempt to be helpful, which was thwarted by our RHD, who seems to be a bit conniving, and who I am pretty sure personally dislikes my roommate and I. So when we had requested to see the ARHD after we were done cataloging everything that had been damaged, in the room, the RHD stopped by and in the worst possible way, told us that there was nothing the university ever could or would do about our damaged property. To add insult to that injury, she had added, “You could have gotten renters insurance,” along with this scoff and ridiculous look a) at our bunked beds b) at Glenn, as though it was either a crime or just outright unreasonable for somebody to have so many trading cards.

And so on Wednesday, as I was getting ready again to do a bunch of German homework, I hear a knock on the door and sure enough, it’s the other suitemate letting me know that once again the toilet is flooding. “Really?” I think, and sure enough, the water has already started flowing into my room.

I immediately threw down all of the towels i could, which mitigated the flow of water only insofar as that I was able to get it to stay in the bathroom, and then flow into the suitemates’ room, until Suitemate #2 got the idea to move the shower rug over in front of his door, causing the water to all spill back into my room.

So of course in addition to calling F-IXED about the toilet, I need to call for a water extraction crew. Fortunately this time I had the good sense to look at the toilet and figured out that it was the flap in the toilet’s tank, and was able to stop additional flooding. Fortunately I was able to get all of the stuff back to the bed and the other side of the room, and this time we didn’t need to move any of our furniture for the extraction machine, but two floods in one week definitely leaves a bad impression, especially during the second week of school.

After getting the extraction done, Glenn and I went up to ResLife and spoke with our hall director’s boss, who upon being told what she had said on Monday about the university not being able to do anything, seemed totally surprised. I might even use the word flabbergasted. He pointed us in the correct direction and Glenn and I are now working on getting all of the correct forms filled out.

The biggest hurdle from this point forward, I think, is that we need to have our RHD or RA fill out the correct incident report and damage reports, my hope is that she does everything we need to do, but we’ll see whether or not it happens.