have posted before about backup strategies, and I have looked again in the past few days, and what I’ve found is that one service in particular, BackBlaze, stands out in that it does cost less than the others at which I have looked (Mozy, Carbonite) as well as offering a few nice things such as the ability to backup external disks. I looked at it and there are definitely a few nice reasons to go with BackBlaze or a service like it.

The first thing I noticed is that BackBlaze really is quite cheap, it’s $50 for a year to back up unlimited data on one computer. It’s great in a situation like SuperSlab where I have my primary disk along with the 500gb photo disk, and I could very well have been using the 750gb disk for other active media, such as a very big itunes library or anything along those lines.

Of course, the question here is whether or not it’s a good idea to use an online backup system. I do own a license to Acronis TrueImage for home, and I use versions of Windows that have their own built-in backup and system imaging functionality, and if I wanted to, I could definitely duplicate all of my important disks onto other disks, however, and I hate to be the complainy person in this respect – that’s just far too complicated and time consuming.

And that’s another thing about backblaze, even though it’s got 530gb of stuff it needs/wants to upload from my computer, it’s going to be doing it all in the background at its convenience. For the initial backup I’ve been told it’ll take about 35 days, which is fine, in order to expidite the process I’ve been leaving it at home when I can.

The question now is when and whether or not I can afford such a service. There’s no doubt in my mind that even if I only use as the primary backup for my photo drive, it would be a good investment against such disasters as the inevitable failure of one or both of my 500gb laptop drives, along with things like the accidental reformatting of my photo disk, etc etc.

Acronis for the boot disk on its own is actually not too bad a solution, especially as in most cases Acronis is a self-checking solution in that each time I back up (which I’d like to do at least weekly) it uses and checks the disk.

Of course, backing up a lot of computers on backblaze could become really expensive, and there’s definitely a point at which a NAS or other server-connected device (drobo on tacgnol, for example) would be a very good idea. I just need to figure out when exactly that is. Even right now, I don’t necessarily need to back up every computer I have to the cloud, the T42p would be fine backed up to tacdisk or one of my other USB external drives, as an example.

One of the things I may do is just keep backing up to the disks I do have. They’re not dead and all I really need to do is get them set up, possibly hook them up to flatdell or tacgnol, and do a backup operation from time to time.