Preparations for Windows 7


After a whole bunch of somewhat downer posts about my condition and/or about my least favorite parts of the university, it seems like it’s time to write about some fun technology stuff. My most recent project is installing the final version of Windows 7, which I have gotten through MSDNAA at the college of business, on some of my computers.

Right now I’m performing an Acronis backup as well as a regular file copy of the data from my home directory on SuperSlab, my main laptop. That backup operation will take awhile, but once I’ve got that done, I’m going to install Windows 7, Office’07 and some of my user data on it. After that, I have an entire moving sequence, but before I do too much more with it I’ll want to make sure everything works.

Once I get it all set back up, there are some fun new things I’ll be working on. I don’t intend to install a chat client at all, for example, because I have been using tacgnoland an irc to aim/google gateway as my chat client. It’s great because I can do everything I need anywhere I am, and don’t need to worry about the network connection of the machine I’m using.

I have a few expectations for Windows 7, and a few far-off hopes. For example, I’d love it if Windows 7 could control the T400’s WWAN card without the use of ThinkVantage Access Connections – and of course, I’m really hoping that Lenovo has got all or most of the drivers working fine, especially the power management stuff.

Other than that, ridiculous as it sounds for me to be saying, I’m really quite excited about trying the real version of Windows 7, and if all goes well, this’ll be my production installation of Windows 7 on the T400. The future of the der Vorlaeufer, the T42p, on which it has been suggested I run the 32-bit version of Windows 7, I’m not sure of yet. I would like to try Windows 7 on it, but I may ultimately back that machine down to Vista or XP, or even put Mac OS X or Linux on it.

I’m going to keep running the backups for now, and probably tomorrow afternoon I’ll do the actual installation.