Speaking Properly


In anticipation for a long shift alone at work yesterday, I took my usual nightly TimeSpan Mestinon a bit earlier than I am supposed to, so I'd have at least a bit of a hope of speaking properly. I must be really a lot closer to the correct dosage of all of my medications, because the somewhat surprising effect was that within about an hour of my shift alone starting, I felt entirely rejuvenated. As I type this, it really is as though I've never had any sort of problem, or at the very least, it's as though my problems are currently under control.

I really do feel right now like I could tackle any problem. 37 people could call and I'd speak with all of them, get everything working, and they'd all be happy they waited to speak with me. I could run around Flagstaff and take great photos, and when I was back at my computer (where I'd be able to stand or sit) I'd be able to make the room dark enough to properly calibrate my display and then sort those photos, while on skype or the phone.

It's great, and because what I'd taken was a time-span release version of my usual "when you're weak" medication, it's an indcator that I really am quite close to the proper dosing. It could be that an additional 5mg daily or even every other day would be the right amount to push me into the range of having the exact amount of medication I need to keep everything in check such that I can function as well as I need to all day long.

My hope is that I can get everything going properly before November, so I can speak properly and introduce myeslf to an entirely new group of people (The NaNoers) who won't even know that I've got something wrong.

While I don't want to necessarily hide that I've got something wrong or different about myself, I do want to change it so it doesn't affect how I live my daily life or do things. It's so great being able to speak to my coworkers and to people on the phone without having to reiterate what I said, sometimes several times. It also is nice being able to climb up stairs at a reasonable pace, and I also love being able to walk up Cardiac Hill and breathe at the same time.

With hope I can get my medication levels adjusted and can start just having a great attitude about everything I do, which is something I'll admit I've been lacking a little bit since about May when I started noticing it was difficult to speak and move again.

So everything should be great form here on out.