NaNoWriMo Has Started


It has been a long pair of weeks since I've been able to write anything for the good old blog of blogness, especially as last week I had to prepare for NaNoWriMo. Then it was a fairly busy week at work and for my classes, and afterward, on Saturday night at 00:00:01 2009-11-01 (technically Sunday morning, I suppose), I was definitely in the office working on my actual NaNoWriMo Novel, which is what I've been working on primarily since then.

Of course, on Sunday I got most of the way through the reccomended 1667 daily words right at midnight, so I was able to go home, sleep, commit random acts of cleaning (about which I don't have time to write separately, but suffice it to say that my bathroom looks fabulous), visit with dad, do accounting homework, and then finally have several word wars with Brandy, Megan, Glenn and Michelle, some of my long-time NaNo buddies. (That would mean that it was about three years ago that Brandy and I met through Bethany, her roommate at the time, and of course I've known Megan forever, etc.)

At any rate... I'm at just short of 4800 right now, which means I've got just about 1200 to go in order to stay a full day ahead, and if possible, I'd like to be even further than just one day ahead.

Such is the life during the first week of NaNo.