Door Decs


Last night, I finally caught somebody in the actual action of removing and manipulating some of the decorations from my door. This, in its own ways, was both depressing and exhilarating. Firstly, it was depressing in that I am really no longer able to just pretend it isn’t happening. Someone in my hallways likes to steal door decs, and they know that I know. That they know. That I know. .... anyway. It was exciting in that I really haven’t had my blood pumping that hard in awhile. here’s the story.

It starts out while Glenn and I were watching Castle last night. As I was doing some things with flatdell I heard a little scritchy scratchy noise at the door and immediately started running over to it. I could tell I had been too loud in my anger at the idea that someone was removing the decorations from my door. Especially because some of the decorations I’d had for years, and it hasn’t been a problem in the past, in other buildings or in other wings. For some reason this past summer and this fall have basically been very bad for the door decs.

And so I followed them to their room and knocked on their door for about five minutes, until this guy answers the door, and Glenn discusses with him, in a much more calm way than I would have been able to at the time, why it’s important not to steal folks’ door decorations, and asking why the girls in question felt the need to steal our decs. The guy wouldn’t admit that there were any girls in the room at all, even though it’s incredibly obvious that he was a guest in their room, that or he let them decorate most if not all of his room in glorious pink, yellow and green pastels.

This isn’t the first time things have been taken or attacked from my door either, and I don’t know if it’s just my door, like if there’s some reason that people have for not liking Glenn and I, but the other day I went to work and one of my posters was ripped and just hanging out on the floor.

And of course, this morning, the same thing had happened, some of the remaining things which had my name on them were removed from the door. Not just rearranged or on the floor either, they were actually gone from the hallway.

For now, I have gone ahead and removed all of the decorations from my door. I haven’t yet created it, but I intend to create some kind of infographic for the door informing everyone how I feel about folks that steal door decs. However, I haven’t gone ahead with any such craziness yet, because I don’t know how crazy I want everyone to think or know I am.