Latest Musical Obsession- Buffy Musical


I finally was able to get the soundtrack to another musical I've been wanting to listen to, something that most of my with-television friends know as being like eight years old from when it aired (almost exactly eight years after I got it, actually, in November 2001. And with that, it's worth mentioning that I've been listening to the entire soundtrack over and over for the past several days.

The episode in question, "Once More, with Feeling" is probably pretty entertaining, I'll admit that I don't know enough about the buffyverse, or even (without reading the wikipedia page) who all of the characters are. So it may be that I go ahead and start working on watching the show, either in December when I'm done with NaNoWriMo, or at some point in January when a few other post-NaNo and end-of-semester things I'll need to do for school have been completed.

Unfortunately, as always, Glenn is extremely uninterested in listening to it, s I either have to just force it to play, against his will, which is fine with me, or I just have to liten to it with headphones.