Yet Another Server Shake-Up


I post about this on here way too often, but the jist of this posting is to let the universe know that once again, I am rocking out with a new server. Technically, of course, the new server isn't very new, it's flatdell, a machine which I've had for just over a year and a half now. Indeed, flatdell has been the server on again and off again for just about a year now, and so I was able to get everything up and running really quickly, partially because in the past several years, I've migrated this wiki and all of the rest of my database-driven stuff just far too many times.

The reason for it is because Tacgnol had been showing signs of impending failure, and I wanted to make it pretty soon that I got everything off of tacgnol, to ensure that I didn't lose data. As a result of that, yesterday was mostly spent making sure all of the data and web sites were moved from Tacgnol to Flatdell, and Flatdell is now officially the server.

There's maybe not so much to say about the flatdell move, but one of the things I'll mention is that linux on tacgnol with a graphical interface is really "interesting" because the machine can run linux, but it's quite slow at a lot of things. Firefox takes awhile to launch and in general, I would reccomend to anybody with an old Pentium III they want to use that while Ubuntu will work, Windows 2000 may work faster.

That having been said, it totally does run Pandora, usably, however the processor is pretty much pegged at above 90% so it can do this, even when I close out of all of my other firefox tabs.

One of the things I'm reminded of is the fact that tacgnol really does make a good bed-side computer. I can use it as a terminal to flatdell and for web browsing. Additionally, there are a few other nice things like the fact that I can keep an SSH session open as a mounted drive on tacgnol, so I don't need to worry about suddenly and unexpectedly losing a whole lot of important data on tacgnol.

One thing I want to look at is how to make it so that tacgnol acts purely as a thin client to flatdell. I have done it before with Ubuntu 8.10 on flatdell and tacgnol, using XDMCP, however I haven't been able to find the settings for it in flatdell yet. It's not too big of a deal, and I could try a few other things, but it would be really cool to see.