Blocking My Immune System Differently


Well, I've been on my new meds for just about two weeks now, and I'm happy to report that I think they've been working extremely well. The biggest thing I can say for them is that I've been taking less and less pyridostigmine, and in another two or three weeks, I'm set to reduce my dose of prednisone again.

When I have reduced my dose of prednisone, the biggest thing I am going to try to do is make sure that I don't increase my use of pyridostigmine, because ultimately I'd like to be without it, or alternately, with minimal amounts of it, especially as compared with having a lot of prednisone, which has a few of its own nasty side-effects. My feet still smell all the time when I get home after long eight to fourteen hour days. Also in the category of side-effects of prednisone I haven't complained about yet, on some mornings, my feet have a fairly epic pain. Like... anywhere I step, my feet are like "aaah, please don't step there!" and I just have to deal with it, most of the day usually.

Anyway, the new medication, CycloSPORINE, seems to be a more effective immunosuppressant, which would indicate the reason why I have been taking less pyridostigmine lately. Whether or not it will hold me up on its own once I start stepping down, and ultimately discontinuing (again) the use of prednisone, we'll see, because I'm sure I'll notice immediately (and actually complain to people about it) once I start feeling like my progress with the disease is being negated by the removal or changed by the medication I'm on.

Also, I feel that it's worth mentioning that it was about two weeks ago, in coincidence with the morning I started the CycloSPORINE, that I gained super-smell powers. No, I don't smell really bad these days, I actually have been able to smell more things, it seems, in much stronger power than I had been before. On the first morning I definitely felt quite nauseated as the scents of cigarettes and automobiles that had passed fully five minutes ago still lingered in the cold, dry, windless winter air, as it had been on that morning. That and as more people walked by either smoking or just smelling like various powerful personal scent products (obnoxious perfumes and musks), the effect seemed to add up.

In the days since, the heightened sense of smell has waxed and waned with various other factors about which I'm not sure or just don't know, so it may or may not be related to the new meds. I did check the listed side-effects and a heightened sense of smell was not among them. Irritability and a few other odd things were, so if I seem irritable, I don't know if you should tell me, or just let it go.

Also, I'd like to note that as of this writing, which is actually yesterday, I am caught up on my 60,000 word count goal for NaNoWriMo. Super Epic.