Won NaNo Early!


This is just a note to let everyone on the Internet know that I have won NaNoWriMo officially as of today.

This year, as I often do, I had to switch word processors midway through the month. I had started the month writing everything in the nanoapplication on tacgnol, which worked out well for me because I wanted to be able to write the novel in a fairly distraction-free environment, and I wanted to be able to write it on every computer where I needed to sit as my day progressed.

Unfortunately, two things happened. First, I needed to migrate everything from tacgnol to flatdell which not only gave me a faster and more stable environment, but occupied quite a bit of my time, and when tacgnol was doing the dying, gave me quite a scare.

The other thing that happened during the month was that I needed to go to Phoenix and Tucson with Megan. In previous years, this was not a probem because I had started the novel in Microsoft Word 2007 on the computer, but this year I switched fron nano with the auxuiliary wc utility, which counts words fairly accurately, I believe.

When I needed to switch the novel to being written locally on one single laptop, I went ahead and started using Sublime Text, which is a pretty great text editor, except that it has an extremely optimistic word count function, giving fully one thousand words more than nano/wc or the official nanowrimo validator.

It's annoying because as per Sublime Text, I had gotten to 50,020 about two days ago on our way back to Tucson from Phoenix. I knew this problem would occur but for whatever reason didn't press on 51,000 words or so, mainly because at the time I was simply done working for the day, as I'd written nearly (if not over) 6,000 words at the time.

At any rate, I finally sat back down and wrote the extra 1,000 words I needed for the nanowrimo validator, and my word count is sitting at 50,147. I have two days to write more, but I feel like I'm unlikely to do so.

And now it's time either to go to sleep, get some food, or start catching up on all of the stuff in my Google Reader.