Worst Cell Phone Ever


Today I had a bit of an epic adventure. Megan and I headed back from Tucson to Flagstaff at about 8 a.m. today and had a pretty decent drive, getting back into Flagstaff in time for me to swap backpacks and head over to the NaNoWriMo write-in.

At the write-in, two of the wrimos crossed the 50,000 word line in their word processors, and one of them actually added the additional words to be verified on the nano site, with the other saying she would add the extra words later on in the evening.

After that, it was time to walk home, as Megan and Alyssa were going on an adventure of their own. I stopped into the Walgreens, and finding nothing of particular interest, went on my way toward home, except I decided that it would be cool to look at Target as well, at which point I realized that I had a small amount of spare money, and that Target sells AT&T GoPhones, which would be a good stop gap solution as a mobile telephone, as the iPhone has been behaving particularly badly lately, especially given that the iPhone's home button has been somewhat broken.

I ended up buying the cheapest GoPhone I was able to find in Wal Mart, which was, as I will probably be saying a lot over the next few days, the worst possible idea ever. The one I got is a Samsung A137 and I can see that this might be suitable as somebody's first telephone, or if you were already used to the T-9 key arrangement, but for me coming from the iPhone, it's an incredibly bad set up.

It took me about fifteen minutes to get the package open, and once I did, just a few moments to transfer the SIM chip from my iPhone to the A137. At that point it was ready to go except for loading my data into it. Unfortunately for me, that entails at least 7 people I call on a really regular basis, which at 5 to ten minutes per person for entry on a T-9 keypad, depending on the complexity of the entry, it was worthwhile just giving up.

So, I spent $30 on a phone and immediately gave up on my attempts to use it.

My only regrets are that it wasn't a Verizon or BoostMo prepay phone that I could at least hack to work as a tethering device for my mobile computer.

At any rate, I'm just over one month from being done with my iPhone contract, if the iPhone really does become unusable between now and then I have the A137, but I suspect it'll be fine, mostly.