Winter Wonderland- The Story of How Finals Were Canceled


This entry replaces another I had been working on and had to stop working on, because reading week and finals week have been crazy this year. This semester has been great on a lot of fronts, and bad in a lot of ways, in terms of where I live, my classes, my roommate, and my health, plus other things.

It has been great in that I am getting the things I need done academically, and I am just about one more semester away from being able to sign into the Business Professional Program. I also have a roof over my head, albeit one that you could say is somewhat leaky, and extremely over-priced. Plus, I have a roommate who, on most days, doesn’t make me want to kill things. Additionally, with the Cyclosporine I have been put on by my neurologist, I’ve been lowering the amount of prednisone I need to be on, and I’m currently on 20 milligrams of prednisone daily, without using very much, if any of the pyridostigmine (Mestinon), which is also really good, as there were some really bad points during the summer where I had gotten almost as bad as some of the worst points in 2008.

There have been low points as well, mainly involving Residence Life, my roommate and what I suspect are some very deeply seated mental stability issues he doesn’t know or think he has, and of course some financial issues. Finals week is always essentially the climax of the school year, and I do not think that ours could have been better. I can’t think of any instance since I’ve been at this university where the school has canceled or delayed finals, even with fairly heavy snow fall. The only other time it was close to happen was last year I believe, when the university had to send out several announcements to the effect of “we are indeed not canceling school today!”

Unfortunately not all of the finals were canceled, and despite a fairly heavy amount of snow on Monday morning I still had to go to my math and computer science finals. After that, before work, however, it really started snowing heavily, and it wasn’t long before we all had messages from the school letting us know that the finals after noon were all canceled.

Not only were the finals canceled, but, they were canceled in possibly the best way ever, students in courses affected by the canceled finals have two options. The first is to take the grade they already had in the course and continue on with their lives as though they were done with that course. The second option, which I imagine will be exercised by a relatively low number of students, is to accept an incomplete in the affected course and then schedule a time to take the final during the first week of the sprint semester, in January.

And so, naturally I was pretty excited about the possibility that the final for the class for which I’m always the least prepared, accounting, may have been affected by the snow storm cancelations. Fortunately, I heard later on in the day that my accounting final would indeed be affected by the cancelation, and so I followed the given instructions, letting the instructor know that I’d be opting out of the final.

Fortunately for me, I already had an A in the class, so I was able to continue on Monday and Tuesday working or generally celebrating.

Beyond that, Wednesday will be spent sleeping, at work for a few hours, and then studying minimally for my database systems final on Thursday morning, at which point I’ll probably head back to work to rack up some additional hours for the purpose of trying to make it through the winter break with food.