End of the Decade


Not only is it the end of a year, but it’s the end of a decade, an important one for me, personally, because I spent just under half of my life thus far in this decade. (Ten of the almost 22 years so far.) It’s weird to see it go for a lot of reasons. Not only because it’s the change of a decade, but I suppose you could say because it’s been a decade of change.

Maybe for me it has only been a half-decade of change. At the end of high school in the middle of 2006, I made a few predictions about the type of person I’d be as I navigated my way through college. At the time, my predictions were pretty simple. I would never own or drive a car, own and use a mobile telephone, and own and use a Windows computer as my primary computer. I think there may also have been something in there specifically about laptops.

How did I do? Well, by my standards I’m the worst person possible, as these days, I’ve got my iPhone hooked up to my Windows laptop (which is my primary computer) and from time to time I drive a car, although I don’t currently own one.

What other changes have I made in the past year and the past decade? Of course, there was my original goal from 2008 to reduce the number of computers I have around, which I’ve mostly made good on. This year I gained the T42p, the 730T and an OptiPlex, but got rid of a variety of other computers. Functionally, I am almost completely dependent merely on flatdell, which is where I have been doing my chatting and superslab which is my primary mobile computer.

In terms of a few other things, I’ve sort of come to a solution for my continuous storage problems, I have rented out a storage locker right near dad’s house, and have moved all of my stuff from his garage and most of the stuff from his garage into it. What this means is that I and all of my stuff are officially moved out, as of the new decade. The purpose of the storage unit is to act as a place to keep the stuff I know I do not need or want right now, but know that I will want to have access in the future, any amount of time from 2 to 3 years from now when I’m done at the university and have moved into a larger, more permanent apartment.

It’s weird to think about. In 2007/2008/2009 I kind of worked on making that transition, somewhat slowly. I moved into the building where I currently live in Fall 2007, changed rooms for Summer 2008, changed rooms again for Fall 2008, changed rooms for Spring 2009, changed rooms for Summer 2009, and changed rooms yet again for Fall 2009 and I’ll be living there until the end of the coming Spring 2010 semester. So not only have I been living away from my parents, but I’ve been managing everything on my own, and in a few months I’m going to be moving to a different building. (This is another potential advantage of my storage locker, as the semester progresses I can start putting stuff from my dorm room into it that I never use.)

What else is necessary for a “new year!” post? Definitely some discussion about what I want to do in the next year. The biggest thing I’d say I want to do in the next year is to continue to work on minimizing the amount of stuff I have in my dorm room. It’s nice, but unnecessary to have most of the stuff I do. Some of it needs to be recycled or sent on to its next owner (such as the sadly deceased SunRay, and the working-but-not-useful Dell Latitude C-Dock). Some of it needs to be kept and stored (such as one or both of my Power Macintosh G3 computers, some of my extra photography equipment, and a lot of the books that I have but will not need or want to look at in the next few months or years.

Anything else? Well, I always want to work on supporting my wonderful girlfriend Megan, who has applied to CalArts and if/when she gets in, it’ll be a big adjustment for the both of us, so we’ll be working on that in the later part of 2010, and we’ll keep working on that until I’m done at NAU and can follow her to California and get a job there.

In pursuit of that particular goal, I eventually need to get out of the 2008/2009 mentality of “I need to pay attention exclusively to my feet so I can walk without falling over” that I got into when I first discovered I had Myasthenia Gravis. It was something I started doing, literally, because I was afraid if I wasn’t paying close attention to my feet, I would fall over. On some days in late 2008 and in various parts of 2009, it was highly true, and I did have several spills in that later part of 2008 where we were first discovering that I had the disease, and trying to find out how to fix it. How do you get out of that particular mentality? I’m not 100% sure myself, but I suppose it starts with looking up at the “everything other than my feet” and trusting that I can safely walk to work in the next (hypothetical) fifteen minutes if my mind wanders beyond that.

And as a final note, I believe I’m going to go ahead and officially switch my blog from the wiki installation to this set of static HTML files. It doesn’t look exciting, but I can do exciting things with it, such as embedding word count widgets from the NaNoWriMo web site, or youtube videos, or even my twitter status. Exciting times for stenoweb.net.

And so it’s with those things in mind that I leave this decade behind, and walk brightly into the next one.