Cleaning the Room


One of the benefits I will be enjoying as a result of having gotten and paid for the storage locker is that I can continue to put additional stuff in it, and so last night and over the next few weeks, one of my on-going projects will be to continue reorganizing the room.

So far, I do have several boxes at the bottom of my closet that have been ready to go for awhile, and yesterday I got a few more packed. Between those, some additional boxes I brought from dad's house to fill up and put in the storage locker, I intend to have my room nearly empty by the time the semester is over.

In addition to a bunch of other stuff, I do intend to start reducing the number of computers I have in my room. There are two purposes to this, firstly, because some of the most space and resource-consuming computers I own are the ones I use the least. In particular, I intend to bring both of the Power Macintosh G3 computers to the storage unit, and I do indeed need to put some consideration into whether or not I need/want to keep some of my oldest, least used and most cumbersome machines around at the dorm.

Particularly dangerous for me and my old computer "habit" are old mobile computers, which initially (when you just have the laptop and the power supply) take up about as much space as a modern laptop. Then you need to buy an external SCSI CD-ROM drive for the machine, a SCSI to Ethernet adapter, possibly a localtalk or serial/parallel to ethernet adapter, a whole load of floppy disks, additional CDs with other software for the machine, accessories like wacom tablets and digital cameras that only work with the one machine, etc etc. And you can see how it becomes dangerous pretty quickly.

And indeed, dangerous it is. Although most of the stuff I have for (as an example) my PowerBook 180 is also compatible with my Beige G3, removing the Beige G3 means that a large number of random things that are hanging around in the room are compatible with merely one computer. And there are a variety of accessories and spare batteries and carrying cases around for the ThinkPad 730T as well.

Other than that, I need to look through my file-boxes for things to scan, recycle or otherwise transfer to a different mode of storage, and then, most likely, put one or both of the fileboxes into the storage container, at which point I will probably need or want to pick up a new file box (or file-drawer for the itso cubes) for the purpose of keeping my more current papers and paper-like things more organized.

One of the other projects that sort of goes along with all of this reorganization is a potential project to reduce the amount of physical media I have by scanning things like old schoolwork, drawings, magazines, bills/statements, and then shredding or otherwise recycling the originals. I had tried a magazine scanning project several years ago while I still lived up in Washington, at the time primarily with the purpose of preserving some of the oldest magazines I had which were falling apart from having been read so many times. (It was a different time, a time before PDFs and the Internet were available to me 24/7.)

Although such a project is another topic because it involves purchasing equipment and then ponderations of direct-to-archive data organization.