Media Archival


One of the things I have been working on this year is really reducing the amount of physical clutter I have in my dorm room. Part of this is that I need to look at and consider things I have laying around such as extra papers, receipts, statements, silver halide based photos and film, along with magazines, books and other things.

Because I am renting a storage locker, the actual process of simply removing things from my dorm room is fairly easy, however one of the auxiliary processes that I would like to consider is that of digitizing media and other information that I currently have in physical, space-consuming forms. These, as mentioned before, are things like magazines, books, pieces of software, receipts and statements, and other things that fir better on SD chips than in physicality.

One of the things that I did bring back with me from the garage to the room is a few magazines, like maybe eight of them, some of which are fairly old and are already starting to fall apart, a few others are fairly modern (maybe 3 to 4 years old at most) and are in really good condition. The question is when I start thinking about the exact process by which I'll be digitizing them, if I should choose to do so. Some of the oldest ones that aren't in the greatest of shape, I would definitely like to get those scanned, however the big problem that arises is that I do not currently have a scanner, flatbed or otherwise.

One possible solution to the last problem is that I go to the lab and use their scanner (which is extremely slow) for several hours, if not potentially several days, just to get one magazine scanned. Another potential solution is that I purchase a scanner, however doing that will depend on how much I decide I can spend on a project like scanning magazines (and other papers I want to recycle or shred and recycle) just because there are fairly few other things I can imagine using a scanner for on any kind of regular basis.