This week has been nothing short of absolutely crazy. Megan and I went to Kingman last Sunday to drop stuff of at my storage locker in Flagstaff, immediately after which Glenn and I finally went on our shopping trip to prepare for what we've been calling "Winterpocalypse."

Preparative shopping for Winterpocalypse!

Winterpocalypse, to put it lightly, has been a winter storm of, well, epic proportions, which is why it's called winterpocalypse.

On Monday, the snow began to come down, making getting to work on Tuesday a little bit of a bother, and by Wednesday morning, NAU was calling a delayed start. The university had called a delayed start for Thursday by late Wednesday evening, and by 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, the university had canceled the rest of the day, and within another hour, Friday was fully canceled as well.

Around the state of Arizona, extremely high winds, torrential downpour raining and either snow or just generally cool temperatures have caused most Northern Arizona cities (such as Flagstaff and Williams) along with the state as a whole, as per the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Learning Resource Center sign

On the NAU campus, as of mid-Thursday, most of the stuff is somewhat walkable, but by no means is the campus in a condition I wish to persist. Most of the pathways are at significantly reduced width, some of them are straight-out unavailable, and it seems as though no effort is being made to improve the condition of the pathways and roads at the university. The official line is that for safety, we should stay inside.

The other thing that happened on Thursday evening is that all forms of communication onto and off of campus, other than the land-line telephone (we think) have been deactivated. Fortunately, Glenn and I have discovered that we can still use sites local to the university such as the portal, the faculty/staff e-mail site, and our online class content management system. Fortunately everything within my ecosystem at home (the flatdell/superslab relationship, essentially) was working properly. Now I just needed to wait to be re-connected to the rest of the universe.

Other than working, Friday shall be spent either making up for lost time on the Internet, or possibly doing something productive such as finishing up my NaNoWriMo novel, or some of the homework for my mountain of economics classes.

The latest news as of Friday is that some businesses around Flagstaff have had their roofs collapse, and some other businesses are opting to remain closed until they can get the snow cleared from their flat or nearly flat roofs.

It's just generally craziness.