Quiet Night


It has been a quiet night at home after a long, hectic week, with another one likely to come. How do you celebrate a quiet night? By running around in the snow (although briefly, and only from the lab to my residence hall), taking a warm shower, and then sitting down at the computer to create some content, rather than write it.

In the past week, I have had tests in three of my classes, and the fourth class is scheduled to have a test on Monday. If school is still going to be happening that is, because winterpocalypse has started up again, dropping several inches of snow on the ground in the span of time between about 4 p.m. when I went to get food today, and 11 p.m. when my coworker and I were done for the night.

Additionally, although there were thankfully slow moments, this week at work has also been quite exciting. It seems like we had move-in in Fall 2008 or Spring 2009 and with the notable exception of winters and summers, we have been busy ever since, not only with the new student e-mail project, but just in the overall call volume, especially during times where we have three representatives on the phones.

Classes are, as I had planned and anticipated, somewhat nonstop. I'm in three economics courses and a business law course (under the accounting department, for whatever reason.) So far I haven't had problems keeping up with them, the strategy I have been using is just workinbg every single day, and having stuff with me I can use to work/study at all times, even if I don't. (As in today's instance, which I used mainly for catching up on technology blogs.)

I'm not unhappy at all with how it has turned out, and that's part of why I scheduled myself with Friday, Saturday and Sunday to sleep in a bit. (That is, of course, until I found out that 10 a.m. on Friday was the best time for my group in my statistics course to meet.) What ends up happening, especially when Glenn manages to find himself hanging out somewhere else late on Saturday night is that I have a quiet night at home where I can watch the TV I want, or listen to the music I want, or if I so choose, simply go on in silence for awhile. In some occassions I've even made the choice to go to bed way early.

Sundays are a totally free day, in every way except that I often get asked by somebody to do something that takes it's big chunk of the day. It's not too big of a problem, however in order to do whatever anybody wants me to, as I've typically already completed the assignments for Monday and sometimes Tuesday.

One bad thing about having most of my time already spoken for in such a way as this is that I get fairly little time for writing and self-reflection. As an example of this, I have spent very little if any time working on my 2009 NaNo Novel, which I did indeed tell myself back on 2009, December 1, I would be picking back up immediately not only to finish the original story to plot completion, but then to re-work it, split it into 1000-1667 word segments and then re-write it as a far more awesome story than the original.

There are other things I could but might not be able to write about, such as the fact that I'll be turning twenty-two this coming Tuesday, or the slowly evolving ideas I have about computing and the similarly changing paradigm of my server/desktop experience, or the usesthis post I saw recently about the guy who wants to keep his current computer for the next twenty years.

So much writing and thinking for so little time. As always, I'm going to attempt to put more time into it, but we never know whether or not that'll actually happen, especially given the amount of time I spend consuming the various types of content on the Internet, from web comics that I haven't looked at in several days, to tech blogs that post in excess of a few dozen times a day, to essayists I've been following. Also Facebook and Twitter.