Song of the Week!

I don't always discover new musicians -- but when I do, it's awesome. (And also, more often than not, it comes from outside the United States.)

A few weeks ago, I grabbed Paulina Rubio's new album, Brava!, off of the Zune marketplace, somewhat offhandedly, as it was featured as the new album of the week, and I figured it'd be interesting because she looks vaguely like Shakira and of course, the album is part-English and part Spanish.

She's Mexican, which is unfortunate because so little of Mexico's more contemporary music makes it into the United States. Even though I live here in the grand southwest, where you'd think it'd be best at seeping in. Most of the stuff that seeps in is fairly generic Mexican Restaurant Mariachi or folk music. Every once in a blue moon, you'll get Shakira or Mana, but aside from the stuff you hear in a Mexican restaurant, or the Mexican station with the most powerful transmitter in the southernmost parts of the states, which are a pretty generic stream of love songs anyway, not much makes it here in a way that really affects my daily life.

Checking into her at the usual place, we find out that Paula is got her start the way a lot of popular American musicians did -- on a TV program for kids. It's essentially the Mexican version of the Mickey Mouse Club.

I need more Canadian pop culture too, but that's a separate situation.

Without further ado, however, here is the video to Me Gustas Tanto. Maybe this is fairly obvious, but I love it for the pop feel it's got. It's very much like she has taken the image of Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and the other American dance-pop musicians and said to herself that this would be great with Spanish lyrics. She's right too, it is great.

Not the entire album is dance-pop, but that doesn't mean it's unlistenable. The two most dance-poppy songs have been front-loaded, which while not a problem, means that listening to the album results in about six minutes of me dancing like a crazy face at the very beginning, followed by very little dancing at the end, even when a song is dancy enough to deserve some grooving. It's not a problem for folks who are looking for the other types of songs anyway, but it means folks who are really in it for a good dance song or so are just going to take Me Gustas Tanto and All Around The World from the front of the album, and not listen to any of the other songs. Take the implications of that as you will.