2011-12-12: Song of the Week!

Whoops, I skipped two weeks on accident. Sorry about that! (For real-reals, not just for play-play.) It was mainly centered around finishing my novel the week of November 28th, and then working on stuff for some presentations the week of December 5th. Combine that with the fact that I've been playing Pokemon and that during work, I've been doing my job and the result is I am left with relatively little time for blogging.

But that's really not a new thing this year.

Speaking of November 28th, the weekend before, one of my best friends in the history of ever Glenn showed up in Flagstaff for a visit. This is always great fun, and every time he does, one or more of us discovers epic new music. This time, that epic new music happens to be Blackout by Breathe Carolina. It happened while we were driving from Ruby Tuesday to Bookman's, and I used my phone to identify the song on the radio.

The whole album, which sounds approximately like what you'd get if you crossed Metro Station or Owl City with something much heavier and screamier, is part charming and part terrifying. (Take that as you will.) The whole album is relatively well-balanced. The somewhat-screamy Wooly and the dance/party anthem Blackout are frontloaded, but they're balanced by the rest of the album, which for the most part maintains its dance pop beat, interspersed with one or two slower songs (such as the "skip back to the front of the album" Lauren's Song, and maybe one more) and just a little bit of scream.

Fair warning before you click the video. The video presents the song as a pretty extreme drinking and partying anthem. Right below, however, is the "lyric video" (As it were) which has loads of awesome typography and particle effects. If you happen to be at home and want to watch the "real" video -- here is a link.

The song is just really fun. It may or may not be about an evening of extreme drinking, but that hasn't stopped me yet. (As it were, "I'm only getting started // I won't black out.") The whole album is fun. It has some surprise screamy bits, but I htink that's something I've been getting into just a little bit lately (In part after Retro Stefson's screamo bit in what has to be the most Muzacky song I've heard in a long time, Rome, Iowa.)