2011-12-26: Song of the Week!

Care to take a guess who skipped another two weeks? I'll tell you: Who has two thumbs and skipped two weeks? This guy!

So, what justifies skipping two weeks of this feature?

Maybe some of this:

Yeah. I'm pulling out the big guns for this. Sandstorm by Darude has been on my brain for proooobably a decade. It came out in 2000 and at that point I was pretty regularly listening ot a radio station out of Seattle that had been playing techno/trance/dance/electronica (and the like) in the evenings.

Like all good things in this world, Darude is Finnish, which we find out from the best pop culture database ever. He has a few other songs, one or two of which is worthwhile, but not what is being discussed here. He's got a few other songs, he started making music in the late '90s on his computer, and it was in 1999 that he handed the demo of Sandstorm over to producer JS16.

The song itself is pretty simple. There are no real lyrics to talk about, it's just a really good, really long-lasting trance track. The video is pretty interesting, but I don't know if I really feel qualified to talk about it, given that I have probably just now seen it for maybe the third or fourth time ever.

Setting the song to a clandestine metropolitain foot chase is pretty exciting, and I'm pretty sure the guy sitting on the steps in the first shot or two is Darude himself. (The spiky hair and his nodding to the beat of the actual song kind of gave it away for me.) The whole thing looks pretty fantastic in widescreen, which for a video that was probably made in 1999 or 2000 is also impressive. Eventually the chased makes it away, the male chaser gets caught up and the woman chaser follows along, and we find out that the women are in cahoots. Which is hilarious and actually pretty awesome right up to the end when they've made it onto the boat, and another guy Darude is waiting for them.

So, that's my Song of the Week. Simple, repetitive, devoid of lyrics (but still from a Nordic country) and generally fun listening. It's worth taking a gander at a few of Darude's other videos too -- if only because the videos are pretty hilarious.