tacgnol server

tacgnol is a linux server maintained by Cory W. It is standing in for flatdell, the other server that is commonly used. The hardware is currently a ThinkPad X24 at 1.13GHz with 384mb of memory and a 30gb hard disk. Modest, but very usable for a modest website such as this one, as well as for the shell access it provides to various people.

Currently, tacgnol has screen, nano/pico, irssi and ircii on it, as well as a few other standard linux packages, and it's available via SSH. You can use the SSH client at stenoweb.net/term/ to access tacgnol, if you have an account. If you do not have an account, you can request one from one of the Administrators listed below.

Table of users on tacgnol
Cory W coryw administrator/owner of server, hosts stenoweb.net as well as this personal site. Screen+IRSSI shell access.
Tyler S. tylers Administrator of server.
Landon R. landonr Administrator of server.
Dan F. defor Administrator of server.
Kyle R kyler file transfers
Dan C. danc

shell access

  coxy shell access, IRC
  helf shell access
Roger I. rignazio  
Megan P. melimsah web space